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Style Assessment – Women

Is your wardrobe in a muddle? Are you not sure what your own style is? Do you feel that your clothes really reflect the real you?
Complete the questionnaire below and I will send you the results to let you know what your style personality is. You could be a city chic who loves to invest in expensive key neutrals or a creative who prefers to mix vintage with high street. Maybe you are a natural who dresses for comfort or a romantic who loves all the girly frills and fuss.

Go on, take the assessment¬†and find out…

1. How do you wear colour?

2. What kind of shopper are you?

3. How would you describe your overall look?

4. What is in your working wardrobe?

5. What is in your non-working wardrobe?

6. What is in your special occassion wardrobe?

7. What are your shoes like?

8. What kind of jewellery do you like?

9. What is your attitude to make-up?

10. What type of hairstyle do you have?

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