Judith Campbell – Personal Stylist

The Wardrobe Renew


£60 per hour 2-3 hours

Let me help you sort out your wardrobe and get you loving it again. At this session we will decide what needs to go, what stays, what you need to buy and how you can wear what you already have in new and exciting ways.

You will be left with a focused shopping list,  a beautiful looking wardrobe and new outfits you never knew you had.I will send you homework before I meet you so the time we spend together is as effective as it can be for you. By curating your wardrobe you will complete your look, understand why you don’t want some things and why you always go back to the favourites.

Why not combine with The Style Consultation or The Personal Shop.


What some of our clients have said…

Thank you so much Judith for weeding my wardrobe! What an experience! I love looking in my wardrobe and drawers now and not having to sort through all the old junk I was too sentimental to let go of. I now wear more of the clothes I already had, and it has been fabulous hitting the town with the shopping list you provided and colours to help me fill the gaps. You have set me up perfectly and it was great fun too! Thank you.

With the change of seasons, I was having a wardrobe crisis. None of my outfits from last year seemed to look right and I wasn’t sure how to make the most of my new purchases. Working through my clothes with Judith was great and she gave me lots of new ideas for how to wear items together in an interesting way. In the end I had about eight new outfits that I really liked and could continue to wear throughout the season. Judith also gave me ideas for a few new purchases that could complement my wardrobe and create new looks. A really enjoyable experience!

Many thanks for today – I really enjoyed it and feel very ‘purged’ from a range of old lurking nightmares! So many thanks.

I decided to bite the bullet and book Wardrobe Weeding with Judith as my clothes were taking over my life – they were crammed under the bed, shoved in any drawer and thrown into the wardrobe.  Funnily enough, despite having tonnes of clothes I found myself wearing the same few items repeatedly.  Judith was fantastic – she dived straight in and helped me to work out what I really needed to have in my wardrobe.  She didn’t force me to get rid of anything I didn’t want to, but her gently encouragement and advice helped me to realise that I didn’t need to keep everything.  Not only that but she helped me to arrange my clothes, shoes and accessories so it is a joy to look at – my collection of vintage silk scarves now feel loved again and will actually be worn!  Every morning I look forward to deciding what to wear rather than dreading a daunting task!  Following the session I have a small shopping list to help me fill the gaps and pull my wardrobe together – it’s not going to be expensive, but will make the world of difference to my style!  Thanks for helping me to reclaim my style (and amazingly some space in my wardrobe)!

I contacted Judith as had a baby and returned to work, had clothes for running about at home but that looking great at work and going out had slipped…..knew I had the clothes there but had lost the vision Judith sorted my wardrobe and boosted my confidence, yes you can wear maxi dresses, your legs are great…provided me with a list to plug the gaps and inspired me to feel great and loving my clothes once more in the new role of working mum.xxxx

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