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The Colour Consultation

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If I had my own TV Style show I would always start a makeover with a Colour Consultation, rather than the construction underwear! Getting colour basics right has a huge impact on looking put together and styled all of the time. Colour can make you look like you only better. By looking at your skin, hair and eyes, I analyse what depth, clarity and tone of colour suits you the best.

Come along to the studio and have The Colour Consultation. Ladies you get a makeup makeover included, men you get detailed colour combining tips for shirts, ties and jackets.

You leave feeling great and totally sorted with a 42 Swatch Wallet made for you.

Why not book a double session and come with your partner or friend or combine with The Style Consultation?



What some of our clients have said…

Gavin was delighted with his session and whips out his swatch at the slightest excuse!
I enjoyed the session very much. It has made me think about wearing some new colours and confirmed that some of the ones I had chosen for myself suited me.
I just wanted to say thank you for a really lovely evening on Monday. I usually spend time with my Mum doing practical things so it made such a nice change to share something so different with her and to see her – quite literally – in a new light. She hasn’t allowed herself many pleasures since my Dad died and I’m so glad she agreed to come with me, indulge herself and perhaps nurture her soul a little. She was gushing about the evening all the way home (while firmly clutching her swatches!). It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen her so genuinely enthused and that wasn’t just down to the colours process itself, but also to your warmth, encouragement and sense of fun.
Thank you for that, for welcoming us into your home and for sending us back out into the world with a spring in our steps.
You do a great job of making people feel good Judith. It was a real treat to spend time with you and long may you keep up your fantastic work! We all had a great time last Saturday, and have all already started buying clothes in our palette colours.. I even bought one in charcoal blue when there was the option of black!
We really enjoyed our afternoon and both now feel more confident about choosing colours to suit. The make-up bit was fun too and we’ll definitely give that a whirl now and again! Many thanks for your time and expertise.
Thanks for a great session. I can be seen clutching my swatches when ever I go shopping and I have had lots of compliments on the make-up in particular! We’ll stay in touch. Thanks again.
I thoroughly enjoyed the session and had a successful shopping trip afterwards with my colour swatches, bought a purple dress and a hot pink chiffon top. I really like the make up products. Thanks very much for all the advice and make up tips.
I really enjoyed the colour session. I bought a few bits and pieces on Saturday, wearing a top to-day from my colour range and three people have said to me I look well and I they like the top I am wearing (Turquoise)…..fab! I feel released from always choosing black clothes….. Christmas party dress is going to be very different this year!!!
Deirdre and I had an absolute ball last Friday…we really enjoyed our afternoon with you. You should have been a fly on the wall the following day as we navigated our way through George St and Princes St trying to find our colours. What a laugh…
I really enjoyed getting my colours done – it definitely makes you feel more confident about which colours suit you.
Just a wee note to say thanks for a great afternoon on Saturday, I really enjoyed the session. I read through the book last night and plan to go through my wardrobe over the next week, I am even wearing some colour at work today!!
Thanks again, I really enjoyed the consulation and am really excited about going shopping.
Yes, yesterday was great. I had a good fun. Going shopping today with new pallette.
Thanks Judith – I had a great time! I had my chart open the whole time shopping and bought scarves and vest tops in my colours – it actually made shopping easier and gave me the confidence to buy things that I would never normally!
Thanks – it was very helpful and informative.
Thanks so much for the colour consultation, really enjoyed it and after a shopping trip at the weekend looking at clothes in a whole new light!  Also been spending the weekend clearing out wardrobe and knowing ‘my colours’ have made some of the decisions much easier!
Have cleared out my wardrobe and am getting more colourful by the day!  Even my husband has noticed the change, which is saying something…
Thanks Judith, it was a revelation and I have made a point of buying a few things in previously ‘unsafe’ colours!
 A huge thank you for our colour session with you. It was brilliant – the session really opened my eyes (literally!) to what colour can do for me and it really has given me the confidence to know what to choose in the shops – you’ve made shopping fun again!
The makeup was fantastic too – really amazing what a bit of understanding can do for the shape and colour of your face. I think Mum and I are going to put in an order with you for the makeup and I think Caroline is too!
I had a great Afternoon with you and it has made a real difference to my wardrobe.
I had a real clear out and had a look at different ways of wearing what I had.
It has really helped when I’m shopping – I know what to avoid and I now have some really good colour combinations going on! I even got a mustard cardigan which looks great with red or brown polo necks.
The session has really helped me get back on track clothes wise. I feel so much better about my ‘look’.
Just a short note to say thank you. I really enjoyed my consultation with you and it’s certainly given me some food for thought. I could certainly do with a little more colour in my wardrobe and this will hopefully give me added confidence when choosing outfits as well as reinforcing some previous ideas. And it was fun! It was a real pleasure meeting you and perhaps when I eventually think about sorting through decades of clothes and decorating our new dressing room, I’ll be in touch.
Hi Judith, thanks so much for my colour analysis last night, I loved it and it’s brought a whole new dimension to shopping for me! I bought a few things today in my soft cool tones which I love. Whereas before i looked firstly at the style of the clothes I found instead I was looking firstly at the colours which in turn is making me look at styles I hadn’t previously considered so hopefully making me a whole lot more adventurous with my wardrobe.


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