Judith Campbell – Personal Stylist

My Skype Service – The Quick Fashion Fix

30 mins £25 Judith @ Oliver Bonasor 60 mins £50

Stuck with what to wear for your night out tonight? Got no idea what to wear with your new coloured jeans? Never know if belts and animal prints are for you? Can you wear this season’s trouser shape? Whatever your style or fashion issue, get in touch and I can fix it. The quick fashion fix is my express service for those of you on the go go go who never have the time to book a full session. It’s also a great little follow up service if you have had a consultation, to get my input on new purchases or new ideas.

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What some of our clients have said…Judith @ Oliver Bonas

“Recently, Judith and I spent a hugely enjoyable hour talking on Skpe about clothes – my clothes and my problems with them. Our session covered colours, styles and proportions for my shape and size and how to achieve a more consistent, personal style. Although we had never met, Judith was really easy to talk to and the time whizzed past. But Judith’s structure for the session ensured we talked about the areas that I was concerned about and more besides. Judith gave me lots of good advice – for example, I showed her a lovely winter scarf which I have been wearing practically non-stop since I bought it and that I felt flatters my complexion. Judith explained how the mix of warm colours was creating a soft look and showed me how I could blend colours together for myself to achieve a similar effect. She demonstrated what she meant with some colour combinations which were far from drab – which I was concerned to avoid! – and perfect for spring. After our session, Judith sent me an email with some notes of what we had covered and some online resources.

Overall, Judith gave me some great ideas which I’ve already been putting into action. Oh, and yesterday, a friend complimented me on what I was wearing – clothes I already had but wouldn’t have thought about putting together before talking to Judith. What more can I say – other than, thank you?!”

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