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Thanks so much for our fab Friday afternoon – we both really enjoyed it. Alicia is back down south now and is so inspired that she might do the CMB course !!

I thought the style/colour session was fantastic! Thank you! l have photocopied the clothing styles best for me & sent it back to Australia so my mum can start work on a couple of christmas presents!

Thank you Judith, I had a fun time at the session, and I think I came back with some good tips on what to look for/avoid in future.

Thanks you I had a fantastic time and can’t wait for my shopping weekend. Thanks again.IMG_1285 edited

Thank you Judith, we all had a great time too. Lara and I have already been shopping and it really helped make it less stressful an experience!

I just wanted to send a quick Hooray and thank very much for your advice on maternity essentials!! I’m 6 months pregnant and it’s so difficult to find maternity clothes on the High Street (everything seems to need to be ordered through their websites, which isn’t ideal if you’re 5 foot 2 and need to try everything on!) and to come up with new and good ideas for something different other than maternity long sleeved tops in every colour under the sun! I also really struggled to find anywhere that sold petite sizes so that you’re not dwarfed on the rest of your body in order for a top to fit your bump! So I’m now reading your article with a smile on my face, planning what new and exciting things I can find to wear!!Judith @ Oliver Bonas

It was a great night and l learnt so much!

Just wanted to thank you for a lovely evening. I really enjoyed your presentation and I liked the styles you showed us.

Thank you so much. You are a true fashonista and your presentation certainly showed that you knew what you were talking about. I really liked the way you worked from the catwalks slides. Thank you for being so inspiring.

I enjoyed the session very much. It has made me think about wearing some new colours and confirmed that some of the ones I had chosen for myself suited me.

We all had a great time last Saturday, and have all already started buying clothes in our palette colours.. I even bought one in charcoal blue when there was the option of black!

We really enjoyed our afternoon and both now feel more confident about choosing colours to suit. The make-up bit was fun too and we’ll definitely give that a whirl now and again! Many thanks for your time and expertise.

Thanks for a great session. I can be seen clutching my swatches when ever I go shopping and I have had lots of compliments on the make-up in particular! We’ll stay in touch. Thanks again.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and had a successful shopping trip afterwards with my colour swatches, bought a purple dress and a hot pink chiffon top. I really like the make up products. Thanks very much for all the advice and make up tips.

I really enjoyed the colour session. I bought a few bits and pieces on Saturday, wearing a top to-day from my colour range and three people have said to me I look well and I they like the top I am wearing (Turquoise)…..fab! I feel released from always choosing black clothes….. Christmas party dress is going to be very different this year!!!

Deirdre and I had an absolute ball last Friday…we really enjoyed our afternoon with you. You should have been a fly on the wall the following day as we navigated our way through George St and Princes St trying to find our colours. What a laugh…

 I really enjoyed getting my colours done – it definitely makes you feel more confident about which colours suit you.

Just a wee note to say thanks for a great afternoon on Saturday, I really enjoyed the session. I read through the book last night and plan to go through my wardrobe over the next week, I am even wearing some colour at work today!!

 Thanks again, I really enjoyed the consulation and am really excited about going shopping.

 Yes, yesterday was great. I had a good fun. Going shopping today with new pallette.

Thanks Judith – I had a great time! I had my chart open the whole time shopping and bought scarves and vest tops in my colours – it actually made shopping easier and gave me the confidence to buy things that I would never normally!

Thanks – it was very helpful and informative.

Thanks so much for the colour consultation, really enjoyed it and after a shopping trip at the weekend looking at clothes in a whole new light!  Also been spending the weekend clearing out wardrobe and knowing ‘my colours’ have made some of the decisions much easier!

Have cleared out my wardrobe and am getting more colourful by the day!  Even my husband has noticed the change, which is saying something…

Thanks Judith, it was a revelation and I have made a point of buying a few things in previously ‘unsafe’ colours!

A huge thank you for our colour session with you. It was brilliant – the session really opened my eyes (literally!) to what colour can do for me and it really has given me the confidence to know what to choose in the shops – you’ve made shopping fun again!

The makeup was fantastic too – really amazing what a bit of understanding can do for the shape and colour of your face. I think Mum and I are going to put in an order with you for the makeup and I think Caroline is too!

I had a great Afternoon with you and it has made a real difference to my wardrobe.

I had a real clear out and had a look at different ways of wearing what I had.

It has really helped when I’m shopping – I know what to avoid and I now have some really good colour combinations going on ! I even got a mustard cardigan which looks great with red or brown polo necks.

The session has really helped me get back on track clothes wise. I feel so much better about my ‘look’.

Really enjoyed my session- thank you so much!! will keep working through my shopping list – think I need to take it 1 step at a time so I build up a more versatile wardrobe!!

I have really taken to my new found ‘style’ and actually enjoyed shopping…which is a first! Thanks again for your patience during the session, really enjoyed it and found it very helpful.

Really enjoyed the night at LK Bennett ……even if I did end up getting scoot home and buying a dress that I really really didn’t need, but really really love…..even if it is purple! We all thought you came across fantastically, you’re a natural presenter! It was very interesting.

I loved my wardrobe weed with Judith!  It was really useful to work out what my style is and how to wear some of my clothes together.  I have since put different colour combinations together and started wearing clothes that I rarely wore.  I also got rid of quite a few things too!  At the end of the session I ended up with a focused shopping list which will make it really easy to add items to my wardrobe.  I would definitely recommend a wardrobe weed”

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you again for Saturday – such great fun !!

Many thanks for helping me with my wardrobe weed.   I had a great time, and spent all weekend organising, sorting and clearing out.I have been raving about you to my friend who also loves her clothes, and she would love a personal shopping consultation. 

Thanks, yes been shopping already for a few bits for work and some lovely little ankle boots! Also gone through my wardrobe and filled about 2 bin bags full for charity (incl my horrible suits!).

I enjoyed our session very, very much. I have started to “action” what we worked out – many of my clothes went (and still are) on ebay and some more will follow when I get round to it. There are things which no longer fit but also things which I no longer like. I hope someone else will enjoy them. Thanks again Judith x

I heard about Judith Campbell earlier this year and got in touch as I was desperate to sort out my chaotic wardrobe which was getting me down. It certainly has been an investment of time and money well spent. She cut through my entire collection asking me questions about each item, whether they were the right colour, how I felt about them and I found it an easy process throwing things in the two piles, ‘to keep’ or ‘to get rid of’. Judith helped me to completely rework all my outfits which I had become tired with so that they have a younger and more informal feel to them and as a result, I have a ‘new’ look for the coming season. I’ll invest again in a morning’s shop with Judith this autumn to add various key pieces, but I am delighted with everything. We laughed our way through the day and she had me in and out of so many new outfits from my existing wardrobe I was exhausted by the end of it. Shortly afterwards, she emailed me masses of pictures of the outfits which was really useful as a reminder. Judith is a great person, she understood immediately what I was trying to achieve. I had a wonderful time and saved myself money.

Thank you so much Judith for weeding my wardrobe! What an experience! I love looking in my wardrobe and drawers now and not having to sort through all the old junk I was too sentimental to let go of. I now wear more of the clothes I already had, and it has been fabulous hitting the town with the shopping list you provided and colours to help me fill the gaps. You have set me up perfectly and it was great fun too! Thank you.

With the change of seasons, I was having a wardrobe crisis. None of my outfits from last year seemed to look right and I wasn’t sure how to make the most of my new purchases. Working through my clothes with Judith was great and she gave me lots of new ideas for how to wear items together in an interesting way. In the end I had about eight new outfits that I really liked and could continue to wear throughout the season. Judith also gave me ideas for a few new purchases that could complement my wardrobe and create new looks. A really enjoyable experience!

Many thanks for today – I really enjoyed it and feel very ‘purged’ from a range of old lurking nightmares! So many thanks.

I decided to bite the bullet and book Wardrobe Weeding with Judith as my clothes were taking over my life – they were crammed under the bed, shoved in any drawer and thrown into the wardrobe.  Funnily enough, despite having tonnes of clothes I found myself wearing the same few items repeatedly.  Judith was fantastic – she dived straight in and helped me to work out what I really needed to have in my wardrobe.  She didn’t force me to get rid of anything I didn’t want to, but her gently encouragement and advice helped me to realise that I didn’t need to keep everything.  Not only that but she helped me to arrange my clothes, shoes and accessories so it is a joy to look at – my collection of vintage silk scarves now feel loved again and will actually be worn!  Every morning I look forward to deciding what to wear rather than dreading a daunting task!  Following the session I have a small shopping list to help me fill the gaps and pull my wardrobe together – it’s not going to be expensive, but will make the world of difference to my style!  Thanks for helping me to reclaim my style (and amazingly some space in my wardrobe)!

The clothes were wonderful and my partner Steven thought I looked fantastic. After our shopping trip went home and gave him a fashion show, he was extremely impressed and loved every outfit.

Judith I thoroughly enjoyed the whole shopping experience with you and would like to say what a great day I had and that I will certainly be back – well after I’ve paid the visa bill!! What a great service and I will recommend you to all I know.

Never in my life have I had such a successful shopping trip and felt so good about the things I bought. I’ve also had a weed through my wardrobe and feel confident about the things I am taking to the charity shop. You really have changed the way I think about clothes and given me excellent advice, which provides a formula I can apply to my shopping (which I like because I’m an accountant!). Thank you so much.

I wore the dress on Sat night, its definitely not something I would have picked up so very pleased.  I also like my top. I would never say no to another hour with you :-)  I was very happy with my purchases.

Thanks again for Saturday, i had a fantastic time and a really good wee confidence boast for my 30th. Its was lovely to have some nice ‘me’ time .

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say the new clothes are working out very well.  We went to a family wedding at Easter and I worn the new clothes.  Paul’s sister said “nice top”, “nice dress” etc for every outfit and Paul’s dad said I looked very smart and asked what had happened.  I told him I was having an affair :)

Paul is very happy that I am happy and look smart and is now thinking more about his clothes etc. 

Thanks – of the aims was to look smart/good at a family occasion and I achieved it.

Thanks very much for all your encouragement to make the shopping trip enjoyable – relaxed and focused.

I have now shown my husband – he approves and was not surprised at the spend.

We thoroughly enjoyed our make up lesson and I am starting to wear more make up and more often than before, I am less scared and a bit more confident now! – so thank you very much.

Had a lovely time on Saturday, really enjoyed my session. Tried out your make-up tips when I went out on Sunday night – what a difference putting the blusher in the right place makes!

Thank you so much, I thourghly enjoy last night and feel that I learnt so much in 2 hours as I have in a life time.

The make up is working out really great especially the adjuster, which seems to make a real difference. I wore it one day, and forgot it the next and my boyfriend asked what was different. Thanks a million.

It was lovely to meet yourself, and was lovely to have someone else do/show a different approach to make up. I’ve never had anything like that done before and it was so interesting and made such a difference.

Liz and I would like to thank you very much for a very relaxed informal learning experience with make-up last night, the evening was very worthwhile and we will both be trying out our new looks over the next few weeks and experimenting with other colours, getting away from the black eyes and usual colours.

 I really enjoyed it you were great. You’d think at late 30′s you’d know what you were doing with make-up but no, I didn’t! Loving my purchases, especially the bronzer even my boss said I look well the day after . Thank you again for a lovely evening.

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